"I just know something like this needs to happen"

~ Mercy Kaiser, Stylist in Decatur, GA


It's for when you get a gut feeling that something's not right and you need to get away from potential danger -- whether it's a Tinder date or a classmate. Safer uses GPS location to give people a way to ask for low-stakes help from fellow Safer users who are nearby in situations that can lead to sexual violence. Choose the ways that you prefer to be helped out, like calling your phone repeatedly or interrupting a conversation. Then choose the ways that you're happy to help others. Open the app, and head out knowing you can ask for help if you need it, and you can look out for others around you. 


Kirsten Bray, User Experience Design & Visual Design
Amirah Husbands, Interaction Design & Programming
Lani Vereen, Lead Programming
Jessica Anderson, Advisor & Product Management 


Developed with the  Innovation Lab  @  Spelman College  

Developed with the Innovation Lab @ Spelman College